Top 10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Beginners

Nowadays it is very difficult to find some good search engine optimization plugins, especially when searching for beginners. Many SEO plugins are great, people find them to be the best because of the experience features provided.

The 10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Beginners

Most plugins have many and complex functions that are not easy to use, especially for beginners or newcomers in this field. Understanding all the features and then accessing them makes it quite difficult.

So let’s take a look at the top 10 WordPress SEO plugins for beginners

1)Rank Math

Rank Math is one of the fastest growing SEO plugins for WordPress beginners. This allows you to optimize your website for social media and search engines. It also allows you to import data from other SEO plugins during its setup. This plugin is pre-set for use with useful features including meta title, description, graph, sitemap. If you install this plugin for your website, you don’t need any other SEO plugin on your site.

With the Rank Math SEO plugin, one can add up to 20 different types of rich snippets, get detailed SEO analysis and measure all keywords rankings on their website.


Whether it’s the best SEO plugin for beginners or professionals, the Yost Search Engine Optimization plugin is always number one because of its unique and amazing features. It is one of the most popular and best WordPress SEO plugins. Not only that, but Yost is the only plugin that millions of people use mainly big business.

You can easily create an XML sitemap, review the site on tools like Google, easily create a title and meta description, and Yoast provide a meta SEO box for all pages and add pages to post.

3) SEO Press

SEO Press is considered one of the best and most amazing WordPress SEO plugins when it comes to beginners. If you are a beginner in this field and have no knowledge of what SEO plugin to use or how to access them, SEO Press should be your first and last choice. This is a plugin that is very easy to use and powerful in features.

It also offers users a variety of content analysis with the number of keywords for users who opt for a free project and then go to a professional. Free projects help all beginners to easily access this excellent SEO plugin for WordPress.

4) All in one SEO

Everything in an SEO plugin is considered mainly under the most extensive WordPress plugin. It doesn’t matter that you are a noob or all-in-one SEO plugin that will always help you improve the efficiency of your toolkit by improving your WordPress site.

This plugin is a well-known plugin that has over 2 million active users and offers many powerful and functional features that anyone can easily use.


Most people think that this plugin is only useful for competitor analysis but when it comes to startups, it increases conversations. Ahrefs is a very useful WordPress SEO plugin, which is a toolset for SEO that provides various benefits with off-page functionality.

With some amazing tools like Site Explorer, it helps you to get organic search traffic and check every website. You can see which content and which website is ranked by the keyword. If you use Ahrefs as your WordPress SEO plugin it is great and if you are a beginner it will work great for you and for the plugin.

6) SEO Framework

The Search Engine Optimization Framework Plugin eases the strategies for those who always choose the lightest SEO plugin for WordPress with no ads. It is said to be an alternative because of its ease of functionality and ease of use for startups, compared to SEO Framework Yost. This is a great plugin that some beginners use when getting into the field.

This perfect plugin for beginners also features advanced functionality, which has become a trend nowadays due to the increasing demands of the users. This is an amazing and reliable best SEO plugin for WordPress.

7) Redemption

Redirection is a wonderful and simple plugin to implement 301 redirects that usually occur on your site’s screen. It is very simple for beginners and professionals.

For most professionals or high-tech people, there is always the option of using regex compatibility, which reduces redirection, ignores slashes, and ignores URL district parameters. The best thing I like about the redirection plugin is that it does not even have a hundred percent free and premium version.

8) Schema Pro

Schema Pro is another amazing and excellent SEO plugin that is widely used by many beginners in different corners of the world. If you are not familiar with this field or need some excellent plugin for your knowledge, Scheme Pro is a fantastic choice for a beginner. It enhances all the critical functions and knowledge that is great to learn.

This plugin also helps with website markup, where the software tells you how well your pages should look or function. Google understands all of its data with the help of this schema pro plugin.


Google Search Console is a free tool provided by the Google team that helps all website owners to maintain their site performance or monitor their site presence in Google search results. When Google is unable to crawl and index your website, it publishes it.

This plugin displays what keywords rank in the anchor text or the like. Anyone can use this data to have a better search and rank your website. Google Search Console is a very useful WordPress SEO plugin for beginners, it also provides a beginner’s guide, which contains all the basic content within it.

10) SEO Quake

The whole person who owns their website often uses plugins like SEO Quake. Search Engine Optimization Earthquake WordPress Plugin is something people want. It is available in the entire browser from Chrome to Safari. It provides a good piece of information on SEO content. SEO Quake is an interesting and excellent WordPress SEO plugin.

SEO Quake has become the most downloaded and ranked plugin in 2019. The information it provides is reliable. The plugin is great for beginners. Often all plugins, such as SEO Quake, provide initial guidance.

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