Redmi Smart TV X55 Review: Good performance, affordable price

Redmi smart TV X55 is a powerful device from Redmi, with an efficient LED panel that supports a wide variety of content, ample RAM and storage, and good software. Let’s find out if it’s worth the price of $ 38,999.

Redmi Smart TV X55 Review: Good performance, affordable price

It’s been three years since Xiaomi launched its first smart TV in India, and the company has been bringing premium TV features to its users under its Mi TV brand at reasonable prices. Last month, the company launched its first Redmi Smart TV – the first of its kind in the country, targeting an affordable smart TV segment.

However, in this price segment, there is strong competition from manufacturers like Amazon Basics ’Fire TV, Thomson, Hisense, and Kodak. We spent a couple of weeks with the new Redmi Smart TV 55-inch model, so let’s find out if the company is worth the price.

Redmi Smart TV X55 Review

Design and Display

The Redmi Smart TV X55 doesn’t particularly stand out in terms of design, with external features similar to other devices in this category, which is not a bad thing – the device looks right at home in any reasonably large room. The front of the device features slim bezels, which emphasize the large size of the display. Instead of using a wall mount, we decided to put the TV in a long cabinet, with plastic legs inserted into the TV box.

The display panel is better than we initially expected, especially considering the price. The colors are very bright but not overly or overly vivid, and the angles are excellent. The TV can display media up to 4K (2160p) resolution, which means you can watch YouTube videos at the most supported resolution. But what makes the display stand out is the 10-bit color support, which allows the TV to display a billion colors – if you have matching content.

We’ve tested four different types of content on Redmi Smart TV – Dolby Vision content at 1080p, 4K UHD content, 4K UHD with HDR content, and HD or 720p content. The blacklist at 4K resolution looks great, especially when you focus on the character’s face. Similarly, the Money Heist available in 4K resolution is very crisp and clear. The way this TV handles the brightest scenarios in these shows is quite impressive considering the price, but it sometimes struggles to properly display the deepest blacks.

Redmi Smart TV X55 Review: Good performance, affordable price

We checked out the Big Buck Bunny at 4K resolution to see how the TV handled the animated content at UH, and it handled the colors and brightness significantly. Meanwhile, Thunder Force is looking at 1080p with Dolby Vision, and the colors and contrast look great. However, in this resolution, we can see letterboxing at the top and bottom, and those parts of the screen reflect the other objects in the room in low light.

Anything below 4K resolution worked fine for most of the time we tested the TV, but it feels like a high-end job with some work. One can sometimes notice the presence of noise around the contours of certain characters in both 1080p and 720p content — you can only notice it if you are looking for it and Redmi can fix it in future software updates.

The 30W speakers on the Redmi Smart TV are loud and clear, though they tend to triple when playing more content. However, it’s good if you consider playing a lot of movies and TV shows and less music from streaming apps. Audio tracks on any streaming platform are clear, but conversations are also easily heard. You can also use a 3.5mm jack from the back left side of the TV, but we didn’t find it necessary.

Software and performance

Redmi Smart TV stock running on Android 10 has both the Android TV Launcher and Xiaomi’s famous Patchwall Launcher. As we discussed earlier in the previous reviews, we won’t go too deep into the aftermarket software features, but as usual, this is quite useful if you want to find new content and innovate on most platforms. For example, the Netflix app tells you that the display is available in 4K resolution only when you select it in the app, but the patchwall tells you about multiple displays at different resolutions from the main screen.

Redmi Smart TV X55 Review: Good performance, affordable price

Patchwall is definitely one of the best Android TV launchers available today and the software is very quick and responsive. We haven’t noticed any ads or any sponsored content, and we hope the company keeps it. You can also access many services from the main screen, but keep in mind that they all have their own subscription costs. Live TV is also an option, along with news and channels such as Sun NXT, Hoichchoi and Hungama Play.

If you’ve installed the Google Home app for smartphones, you can quickly connect to Redmi TV directly from your Android device or your iPhone, thanks to the built-in Chromecast support. Viewing content from apps like Google Photos can be great when displayed wirelessly, but it really depends on the resolution you capture the content in the first place.

If you own a robotic vacuum cleaner from Redmi or smart home devices such as a smart camera, air purifier or smart lighting, the company has also built in the My Home app, which allows users to see and control their devices on the grid. It doesn’t add any features to the Mi Home app, for example, the Redmi Note 10 Pro. And it’s not like turning on your TV or interrupting your content to control these devices – instead of using your phone to do it.


At the current retail price of $ 38,999, Redmi Smart TV has plenty of good stuff, from large and bright display to a variety of high definition content including Dolby Vision, Dolby Audio and HDR 10+. Video support. We have tested the content with all of the above formats and have found that the price of this device has exceeded our expectations. The TV also supports Dolby Atmos if you connect the surround sound speaker system, but unfortunately we were not able to test that feature.

If you have an old LED TV that does not support 4K content, Redmi Smart TV is a great upgrade on your existing device if you are looking for something under the ₹. 40,000 mark. In fact, this device is an upgrade over your existing Mi TV 4K, but you may want to hang on to that TV if you don’t see the different content formats we mentioned above.

For more than 1,000, you’ll get Amazon Basics Fire TV that supports Alexa instead of Google Assistant, with most of the features that this device does – but it runs on FireOS and suffers from the occasional lag and stutter, not to mention Redmi Smart TV and its 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. You should definitely consider this device over comparable 55-inch offerings from Hisense, Thomson and Amazon Basics – if performance is your primary concern.

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