Is WordPress a Good or Bad for E-Commerce Website in 2021?

This article is about WordPress and its pros and cons for e-commerce website development. In this article, I’ve mentioned how many brands use WordPress development extensively. Read this to know how WordPress is leading when it comes to IT services.

WordPress a Good or Bad for E-Commerce Website

Before you think about whether WordPress works best for your e-commerce store, you need to know What is WordPress actually is.

WordPress has grown from a basic publishing tool to a strong CMS (Content Management System) in the last few years. Surprisingly, 30% of websites on the Internet are developed with WordPress. Top brands such as Bloomberg Professional, BBC America, Sony Music, and MTV News also use WordPress. Some popular sites use other e-commerce platforms, but they also use WordPress to run blogs. This makes WordPress a great option on other platforms. Previously, WordPress was not the preferred platform for creating online stores. Today, the situation is different and this blogging and CMS solution is being widely adopted to build effective online stores. Here we show you why you should choose WordPress for an e-commerce site and avoid it.

WordPress offers more for e-commerce, such as attractive themes and e-commerce plugins to make the online store faster.

Easy e-Commerce integration

WordPress integrates seamlessly with your current blog or website. If you decide to turn your site into an online store, you need to redesign it. All you have to do is install the plugins and enjoy their features. The main advantage of WordPress is that it easily integrates all of your e-commerce features, giving your store the same feel as other areas of your website.

Easy product customisation

The basic need for an online e-commerce store is to add and remove product items. If you sell variable and complex items, such as consumer goods, that is a difficult task. WordPress makes this process easy for you. It provides a dashboard that is easy to use and instantly publishes a blog post.

Provides several payment gateways

Online stores require multiple payment gateways. WordPress provides secure payment methods such as Apple Pay, PayPal, ChronoPay, Google Checkout, and more for all major credit and debit cards, supported devices. Additionally, it allows your customers to use preferred payment benefits such as COD.


WordPress offers a wide range of themes. Not all things are ideal for e-commerce stores, but the rest are pretty fish for you. WordPress Themes is an open-source and editable strategy that allows you to transform them into your content.


WordPress offers a large number of plugins to provide visual functionality. Almost all plugins are not free, so you need to install and use them with a mouse click.

This is one of the reasons why it’s not a good e-commerce platform
There are several drawbacks to using WordPress for eCommerce.

Since WordPress is widely used around the world, it is constantly under attack by a variety of hackers. There is no doubt that the authorities constantly release updates, but no one can survive the constant threat of being hacked. Security is a primary concern, especially for e-commerce sites.

As your ecommerce business grows and you have to process a large number of orders, and the number of coincident scripts that WordPress manages, many web servers sink.

You need to add theme and various plugins to make WordPress suitable for e-commerce. It can be difficult when you want to upgrade your WordPress installation. It is possible that your theme and plugins will not cooperate with the WordPress update.

WordPress’s themes and plugins need to be updated all the time. This implies that whenever you update several customizations you make, you will be overwritten.


We hope this article has given you an ambitious knowledge of the pros and cons of WordPress for e-commerce. It is true that WordPress is not created as an e-commerce platform. To get accurate reviews of WordPress, Shopify, Magento Article Search, and other popular e-commerce platforms, you’ll find a trusted online directory for B2B software. Analyze their headlines over others and choose the right software for your e-commerce store.

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